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  1. Reasons for God: Learn to Walk in the Spirit and Change Your Life Forever
  2. You Are Your Best Soul Mate: Learn to Respect Yourself by the Numbers in Your Life.
  3. Learn to Do Hand Quilting in Just One Day: And Then Practice for the Rest of Your Life
  4. Controlling Stress in Your Life: Learn How to Establish a Safe and Healthy Lifestyle.
  5. Anger Management: Learn How to Get Your Emotions Under Control, Put Your Anger in Check and Gain Self Control for a Happier Life Includi
  6. Three Steps to Success in Parenting and in Life: Learn the Joy of Having Your Kids Want to Do What They Should Do. Learn How to Prevent Teenage Rebell
  7. From Fear to Freedom: How to Eliminate Excessive Worry and Anxiety from Your Life and Learn to Live in Peace
  8. The Love of Your Life: What We Learn from Living in the Grip of Passion
  9. How to Talk Dirty: The Complete Sex Guide to Learn Dirty Talking, Drive Your Partner Wild in Bed and Discover the Best Sex in Your Life.
  10. The 21-Day Happiness Challenge: learn how to love your life and become a happier person in just 21 Days
  11. The Enneagram: Your Destiny Resides In Your Soul. Learn the Enneagram to Improve Each Part of Your Life. Discover Your Real Personali
  12. Moder 8 Balance for a Better Life: How to Control Your Drinking and Learn to Drink in Moderation
  13. The Most Powerful Voice in Your Life: Learn to Tame Your Self-Talk
  14. Learn & Unlearn: The Novel Way to Rethink the Things That Matter in Your Life
  15. Fat Loss: learn the Secrets to Burn Fat fast and be in the best shape of Your Life, Forever!
  16. I Want to Make Money in the Stock Market: Learn to Begin Investing Without Losing Your Life Savings!
  17. Life Lessons from King David and Grandma: Discover New Life in Ancient Stories Find Your Own Courage and Learn How to "Carry On"
  18. Habit Building: Your Daily Bible to Change Your Life in 7 Days, Build Your Routine and Learn the Power to Focus Your Mind on High Perf
  19. Blender 3D Printing Essentials: Bring Your Ideas to Life in Blender and Learn How to Design Beautiful, Light, and Strong 3d Prin






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