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  1. The Most Powerful Voice in Your Life: Learn to Tame Your Self-Talk
  2. Unleash Your Hidden Potential: Learn to Get Successful Results in Personal and Professional Life
  3. Reasons for God: Learn to Walk in the Spirit and Change Your Life Forever
  4. Learn & Unlearn: The Novel Way to Rethink the Things That Matter in Your Life
  5. The Love of Your Life: What We Learn from Living in the Grip of Passion
  6. Controlling Stress in Your Life: Learn How to Establish a Safe and Healthy Lifestyle.
  7. The Enneagram: Your Destiny Resides In Your Soul. Learn the Enneagram to Improve Each Part of Your Life. Discover Your Real Personali
  8. How to Improve Your Self-Esteem?: Learn to program your mind and focus your thoughts to conquer all that you propose in life
  9. Learn to Do Hand Quilting in Just One Day: And Then Practice for the Rest of Your Life
  10. Moder 8 Balance for a Better Life: How to Control Your Drinking and Learn to Drink in Moderation
  11. How to Talk Dirty: The Complete Sex Guide to Learn Dirty Talking, Drive Your Partner Wild in Bed and Discover the Best Sex in Your Life.
  12. I Want to Make Money in the Stock Market: Learn to Begin Investing Without Losing Your Life Savings!
  13. Anger Management: Learn How to Get Your Emotions Under Control, Put Your Anger in Check and Gain Self Control for a Happier Life Includi
  14. From Fear to Freedom: How to Eliminate Excessive Worry and Anxiety from Your Life and Learn to Live in Peace
  15. The 21-Day Happiness Challenge: learn how to love your life and become a happier person in just 21 Days
  16. Life Lessons from King David and Grandma: Discover New Life in Ancient Stories Find Your Own Courage and Learn How to "Carry On"
  17. Fat Loss: learn the Secrets to Burn Fat fast and be in the best shape of Your Life, Forever!
  18. Live in the Present and Learn Valuable Life Lessons to Improve Any Relationship: Did You Get That Monkey Off Your Back?
  19. Live in the Present and Learn Valuable Life Lessons to Improve Any Relationship: Did You Get That Monkey Off Your Back?
  20. When Chicken Soup Is Not Enough: Learn How to Create a Healing Miracle in Your Life : Revolutionary Healing Through the Mind-Bod
  21. Creating Good Habits: Learn How to Adopt Positive Habits While Getting Rid of the Negative Ones to Achieve Your Goals in All Areas of Life
  22. Monthly Expense Tracker: track every cent you spend on every category in your life -1 year non dated budget planner, finance journal, learn whe






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